1. Danita, you say we are brave. I want to say YOU are brave. This is such a lovely idea and to help your girls grieve their Daddy is a real gift to them. Polish the memories. I have found, after ten years of widowhood (on 23 December,) that focusing on the fact that my loved one loved me and our children too, and always remembering to celebrate the birthday of Christ help to bring joy back into the days around the holiday. May God bless you and your girls this Christmas in unexpected ways – gifts of real joy – as you celebrate together with your wider family.

  2. This is a really beautiful way of honoring someone who is no longer with us! I love it. I love that it is there for the ones who want to participate and not forced on the ones who aren’t ready. We have lost a few family members in the past couple of years, and this seems like a way we might be able to remember them without making everything morbid or too somber. Thank you for sharing this.
    I am new to you and just want to say I am so sorry for your loss. I grew up in a military family and while I don’t know your loss, I am so grateful for the men & women who serve – and the families who support them. Praying for your family as I type this out. Blessings to you this Christmas.

  3. This is so good and you put so much thought and sensitivity to the ideas. What a gifted writer you are Danita! This will bless many who are experiencing loss at this time
    of year 💕

  4. I loved that you prayed about this sensitive issue, and as always, you heard from our Lord. We loved that you had joy in going to the store and purchasing these Christmas stockings for each member of our family. They were all hung up with our names on them for everyone to see. Then, you gave us the opportunity and encouragement to write notes to Danny. That was very healing and very special to me and I trust to each one in our family. It is always a blessing to honor and remember Danny as a family. I love it that you gave each person lots of grace to let it be an individual decision. The good seeds were planted; and I trust God will continue to water those seeds to bring about a great harvest. We love you girls. XOXO

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