When You're Still Wintering Inside (While the World is Blooming)


  1. I love your book When Mountains Crumble. It is a perfect picture of what I am going through. My husband passed onto eternity 2 months ago. Married 62 years. We’ve known the Lord since the early 70’s. Don’t know how I could or would get through each day. I’m having a very hard time.

  2. This helped me SO much! Can’t thank you—and our Abba—enough!!!!!!

    My husband of 24 years filed for divorce out of the blue. Completely blindsided me. And won’t even tell me why. Soon after, my job was taken, also with no reasons given, and no warning signs, either. I have been too paralyzed to go out and look for another job, not wanting any more rejection.

    I don’t have any family to lean on, and he stole the only child we still had left, and now has turned that son against me. I didn’t know about “Alienation Syndrome” until then.

    I am SO tired of crying! And of the deep loneliness. And of being fuzz-brained and forgetful. (Scotch Tape in the fridge, anyone?)

    But I also was privileged to watch your video interview with Davey Blackburn this weekend, and it really, really helped me, too.

    In my Gratitude Journal tonight, I will put all of the above—as a HUGE GIFT from our Ever-Loving Heavenly Father, Who knew *exactly* what I needed.

    Blessings to you!!!

    1. Thank you so much for the honor of hearing your story. Praying right now for a fresh wind, a chance to catch your breath, deep peace, and renewed hope for the future. I sense a deep call on your life. Not an ounce of the pain will be wasted but will turn to beautiful poetry. Praying now. In Jesus’s name.

  3. P.S.—I just ordered—and received—your Grief Relief Bundle…and can’t wait to dive into it! Thank you sooooooooo much!!!

  4. Thank you for you your book, When Mountains Crumble. I have just started reading it. My husband of 23 years passed away 2 years ago. We had no children and so bearing the grief alone has been a difficult journey. Sometimes you do lose everyone and everything in your life. It is so helpful to know others who are going through the same thoughts and grief struggles and that I am not alone…..even if I am physically alone now. Blessings and thank you for sharing your story.

  5. After caring for my husband for 18 months at home…he went to be with the greatest love of his life…Jesus. He loved Him right through pain and discomfort. I watched, and hurt. I struggled with my faith, even after knowing healing in my own life and knowing Jesus..my spiritual life struggled. We were married 51 years. I have never lived alone, ever. So living without him is extremely hard. I really want to know freedom again to know Gods presence with me and His spirit uplift me and to hear and feel Jesus by my side and in me, Loneliness is hard. Not wanting to meet new people, afraid. Uncomfortable. Unsure. Yet I know Jesus loves me, I just want to feel Him with me clearly.

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