1. Danita thank you for sharing you mind and heart. It truly is a blessing to know you are not alone in a grief journey. I love the way you conveyed your feelings and provided scriptures. Loved several chapter titles… when they say dumb things, surrendering whys, ministry of lament, ministry of tears.
    I have grieved hard for the past 5 years do to the death of grandparents, my child, and recently my dad. Staying a float in the sea of grief is only by God’s grace. Some days the waves hit so hard and other days the sea is calm. My heart aches for you for the pain you’ve encountered and for your children too. May God continue to hold you close. Thanks for sharing your heart on paper.

    1. Dear Jen, Thank you for sharing this with me. I ache for all you’ve endured as well. So grateful for those days “the sea is calm”. What a great way to put it. Thankful we’re not alone, regardless. Praying God holds you close. ♥

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