Find unshakeable peace even when everything falls apart.

I'm Danita Jenae, a recent military widow and young mom learning to carry joy and sorrow in the same breath.

I know how helpless it feels when you can't breathe and you can't find the words to pray.

So I've created this healing gift for you: 3 deep breathing and prayer audio exercises (Calming Prayers for Troubled Times) and 2 FREE e-books (The Grief Relief Guide & How to Help Your Grieving Friend).

Snag these FREE gifts from me to you: The Grief Relief Guide, How to Help Your Grieving Friend, and Calming Prayers for Troubled Times Audio Exercises.

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Pretty much all I write is laced in prayer, surrender, redemption, and intimate friendship with God. But sometimes, you'll just get utter cheese-ball.

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love, danita jenae